Sean Gaffney



I'm Sean Gaffney and I'm a musician from Bishop's Castle in Shropshire. I write songs, sing, play the guitar and play the drums. Right now I'm in bands called 'The B.C Allskas' and my own band aptly named 'Sean Gaffney Band'.  I am also a solo artist and part of a duo 'The Conspiritualists' with vocalist  Alex Pickford.

When I was 13 I bought a black and white Fender Squire and a 30-watt Peavey amp and learned to play the guitar. I never thought I was that good because the only people in my school who I had seen play were Will Barnes and Jonny Keeley who were miles better than me. Then when I was 14 I went to Thailand with my acoustic guitar and while I was playing this Aussie guy staying in the room next door to me said I "played well for a young fella" and expressed this by giving me a bottle of home-made strawberry wine. I remember that day well because two things happened for the first time. I realised I could be a good guitar player, and I got drunk by myself. On strawberry wine.

When I left school I studied music at Leeds College Of Music. Since graduating I have been gigging and recording in various capacities. I created two solo albums with my friend Laurie in the LCM studios, and began gigging with my ska and reggae band 'The BC Allskas'. We released two albums and are currently still writing and performing together.


In the summer of 2013 I worked in Cyprus as a resident musician and singer in a hotel resort. It was an incredible experience. I learnt a lot about entertaining people just with your voice, and that it really is all you need. I also learnt that Welsh people can't get enough of Ayia Napa.  I recently toured in France playing my solo music supporting my friend and fellow musician Jonny Keeley.

For the last two winters I have been living in the French Alps and performing with Alex as 'The Conspiritualists'. Similarly to my work in Cyprus we were entertaining holiday makers, this time in various environments (bars, restaurants, hotels, balconies during snow storms!) and most importantly it introduced me to the world of skiing and the famous 'apr├ęs ski'! It's also amazing to be able to gig every day and make a living out of music despite having "Sweet Home Alabama!" shouted at you on a daily basis.

These days the music I make sounds like soul, ska, hip-hop and now and again, rock. Despite having a great time in Cyprus and France, my main focus, as ever, is on my own original music and I'm now in the process of promoting and gigging my album 'The Story of How We Lose Control'.

Come and see one of my gigs sometime and say hello.